Douglas Kuhrt

Douglas Kuhrt

Lighting design

International Theatre Lighting designer, based in Liverpool, with over 20 years experience and shows in London's National Theatre, West End and Broadway, as well as numerous productions in Europe, Asia and with the sheep herdsmen in Mongolia... 


28 December 2018 - Bal Blomet

33 rue, Blomet 75015 Paris FRANCE

27 December 2018 - Bal Blomet

33 rue Blomet 75015 Paris FRANCE

20 December 2018 - Carré Belle-Feuille

60 Rue de la Belle Feuille, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt


Yiddish Rhapsody

"Yiddish is not only a language. It’s a music. And that music is the...


Something To Live For

Something to Live For came out of an improbable meeting between a honey...

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