Nils Zachariasen


Nils Zachariasen was a student at both the Conservatoire d'Art Dramatique in Rouen and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Techniques in Paris and was awarded first prize at the international architecture contest organised by the Pompidou Centre. 

Since 1974, he has worked in theatre set design and props. His set designs include: The 39 Steps, by John Buchau and Alfred Hitchcock, directed by Eric Metayer (Théâtre La Bruyère), Pour l'Amour de Gérard Philippe, written and directed by Pierre Notte (Théâtre La Bruyère) and Le Soir des Lions by François Morel, directed by the French singer Juliette. 

29 December 2018 - Bal Blomet

33 rue Blomet 75015 Paris

28 December 2018 - Bal Blomet

33 rue, Blomet 75015 Paris FRANCE

27 December 2018 - Bal Blomet

33 rue Blomet 75015 Paris FRANCE


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