A sensible structure and a series of insightful vignettes based around the songs. 
the stage
Stunning singing! Isabelle Georges' voice is soft and rich as honey… One of the most exciting contemporary French singers of her generation…
fringe report
This show is ABOUT Judy, not BY Judy. Georges has her own charisma. While not bothering to adopt Garland's distinctive voice, she still captures the ironic joy of Over The Rainbow and the recurring nightmare of The Man That Got Away.
sunday mail
A biographical piece exploring the destructive nature of fame. Innovative and thoughtful. Moments of love, childhood and alcoholic depression are elevated by their simplicity ... Isabelle Georges excels.
Even Over the Rainbow, tortured war horse that it is, gleams with new lustre in this well-wrought tribute to Judy Garland. A show that is engrossing as well as being a musical delight - not just for Garland fans. A poignant tribute! 
adelaide advertiser
Georges is an enthralling presence on stage... Her voice drops onto the notes like water...
the stage
This is not one of those tribute shows with an impersonation at its core. This is expressionistic theatre rather than an impression rooted in pedantic chronology, sung from the heart as the emotions burst through. 
York evening press
Judy and Me is the story of something between fascination and obsession, explored through elements of Garland 's life that demonstrate how much more there is to a career than talent. 
reviews gate
Isabelle Georges does not try to mimic Garland, although there are moments such as The Man That Got Away when the strong, deep voice comes over which is delivered beautifully and with tear jerking poignancy. The finale is terrific!
edinburgh guide

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