15 juillet 2013

Glimpse into rehearsals En Anglais

The second session of rehearsals for Broadway Enchanté: It’s like transposing a tune into another key. Things just don’t sound or match in the same way. We’re in need of new timing, new rhythms, different vocals... and it’s strange to be rehearsing again having already performed the show before 120 audiences!
And it’s a bit strange to be rehearsing again having already performed the show before 120 audiences! For the Fringe we underline the "French" aspects of the show: “It’s from a French book, a French guy, a French author, a French coffee…" Going to Edinburgh is like the wind of freedom is blowing…

"Liberté… J’écris ton nom liberté!" A French poem! Paul Eluard of course! It’s time for moral emancipation… sexual freedom and for the first time, Broadway bears all…

Musicals are not only a testimony of their times but flag bearers. In the middle of the Vietnam war "Hair" becomes a pacifist anthem… "This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius… Let The Sunshine". Yes, there is much more to musical theatre than just a simple boy-meets-girl storyline: so much more than a simple pretext to sing and dance ‘cheek-to-cheek’.
It’s funny how things end up linking together, almost like on one of today’s social networks.
The owner of Parisien theatre Le Palais Royal was overly excited at the thought of traveling to New York for the opening night of his "Cage Aux Folles"… and here were are, "Enchanté" in Edinburgh, singing: "I Am What I Am, I Don’t Want Praise, I Don’t Want Pity…".
All of this will become clear when you see Broadway Enchanté! After all, I can’t give too much away, n’est-ce pas!
That’s all; more later. We’re looking forward to seeing you at the Assembly Hall, every night, 7:35 sharp!
Broadway rhythm’s got me, ev’rybody dance! 

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