Isabelle Georges

1 January 2014

2014! We continue, we dream, we dare!

Broadway Enchanté at La Folle Journée de Nantes, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of Liège (Belgium), the Amsterdam Concertgebouw and a new show in Paris and Edinburgh.

2014, we continue, we dream, we dare! We continue… Broadway Enchanté at Nantes’ Folle Journée for ten performances from January 24th to February 1st, 2014.

Broadway Enchanté will join the prestigious guests of Nantes Folle Journée’s 20th anniversary. As René Martin, Artistic Director for the Folle Journée, told Ouest France: “Swing has arrived! The desired festive parts wanted for this 20th anniversary will find its resonance in America’s popular music, jazz, blues, black spiritual and musical comedy. Broadway Enchanté will be performed every evening, celebrating hits from Hello Dolly to Singin’ In The Rain!”

January 31st, Isabelle will be Frédéric Lodéon’s guest for his famous radio show Carrefour de l’Odéon, live from Nantes’ Folle Journée on France Inter.

More on: follejournee.fr

We dream… With Liège’s Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Conducted by Fayçal Karoui. Arrangements by Cyrille Lehn.

The place: Liège’s Philharmonic and Amsterdam’s Concert Gebouw. The program: Musical theater’s greatest American composers of the twentieth century. The team: The Liège Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Fayçal Karoui, a jazz quartet with Guillaume Naud on piano, David Grebil on drums, Jérôme Sarfati on double bass and Gilles Barikoski on tenor saxophone and two voices…

We dare! Our New Show in Paris in October 2014!

After Une étoile et moi, Padam Padam and Broadway Enchanté, Isabelle Georges and Frederik Steenbrink will present their new show: Chante ! Directed by Anne Bourgeois.

“Chante! Même si demain te semble une vraie galère. Chante! L’angoisse et la hantise sont éphémères. Chante et chasse les nuages car ton orage il se dégage, ma fille, chante et chante d’avantage!”

More very soon!

Alleluia… Du Shtetl à New York… 35.000 Cds sold…

Don’t miss the show February 28th 2014 in Saumur!

The record Padam Padam released!

After 400 performances in Paris and in France, Padam Padam, the CD is released by Beluga Productions, Absilone Technologies and Socadisc and available in shops and on line. The show is still touring with Atelier Théâtre Actuel.

Visit the online shop!

We wish you all an amazing year 2014!

Don’t forget to put a little bit of joy in everything you do… the world needs it!

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