A brilliantly demented singer!
The Herald ★★★★
Isabelle Georges


A radiant and reassuring presence, a voice that reaches for the stars, a powerful zest for life through song and dance, a passion for new horizons, projects and encounters… Isabelle Georges unifies all of the aforementioned with a smile! On stage, as a performer, and often creator of her own shows, we witness her inspiring cultural and artistic heritage in a joyful combination of musical theatre, French songs, classical, jazz and Yiddish music.

Old songs and new

This melting pot of music and language reflects her free- spirited, ever-curious nature, finely honed from childhood. The environment in which Isabelle grew up was both musical and music loving. It was profoundly humanistic, open and full of promises that, after many years in hospital, ignited inside her an energy that she would never lose. Musical theatre allowed her not only to forge her own path alongside the dramatic soprano legacy from her mother but also to rediscover her body with dance and begin to arm herself for the stage in Jean-Paul Lucet’s production of Barnum. Isabelle attended the Cours Florent and her idols include Judy Garland (the subject of her first show in 2005), Liza Minnelli, Barbra Streisand, Jacques Brel…

“I like songs that reflect a certain era yet are still just as relevant today… but in a different way. After all, being inspired by the past doesn’t mean that one is dwelling in it!”

Isabelle Georges © photo F. Darmigny
Georges is an enthralling presence on stage... Her voice drops onto the notes like water...
The Stage

Musical theater and concerts

Isabelle Georges generously transmits all the genres that touch, inspire and nourish her but favours excellence over profusion. She masters her musical theatre classics (especially from the 1940’s) as well as her French repertoire and, just like dreams coming true, her creativity has resulted in shows including: Judy And Me (Une Etoile et Moi), Padam Padam, Broadway en chanté, Amour Amor and the latest addition: Oh, La, La!

For Broadway Symphonique or more recently C’est Si Bon, Isabelle sought the company of symphony orchestras. This created a range of propositions that permitted her to perform in venues as diverse and prestigious as the Musikverein in Vienna, the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, the Philharmonic, the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées and the Bal Blomet in Paris, the Edinburgh Festival and the Radio France Occitanie festival in Montpellier.

Enhanced and inspired by those she meets along the way

Isabelle Georges, with her solid faith in those who surround her, doesn’t ‘travel alone’; she is enhanced and inspired by those she meets along the way. This began with her mentors including the American dancer, choreographer and teacher Matt Mattox, the French singer and actress Fabienne Guyon and the singer Jean Salamero, who helped her to progress while avoiding conventional training programs. Later, Frederik Steenbrink, singer and musical director, and Cyrille Lehn, her preferred musical arranger, became the pillars of her faithful troop of musicians. She also collaborates on a regular basis with the Sirba Octet, performing Yiddish music as well as French repertoire with Jeff Cohen and Bruno Fontaine.

Isabelle Georges © photo F. Darmigny
Her startling voice and theatrical delivery acknowledging the likes of Judy Garland, Liza Minnelli and Barbra Streisand!
The Scotsman ★★★★

“A chance-meeting can turn life upside-down – and that is ‘formidable’.” From this melting pot of repertoires and collaborations emerges a coherent and passionate artiste, forging her way through life with the music she loves, embodies and transmits.