Isabelle Georges
Bûchette et l'arbre magique

14 April 2024

Bûchette and the Magic Tree

I'm so thrilled to announce the imminent arrival of my illustrated musical tale for children aged 5 to 8, inspired by the unique and wonderful bond between me and my grandmother.

Bûchette welcomes her granddaughter for the holydays. Together, they find a chestnut with a tiny shoot. They plant it, and the fruit grows into a magnificent chestnut tree that forms a deep and mysterious bond with the child. One day, a man in a horrible hat threatens to cut down the tree… Bûchette calls on her friends, the damsels, to come to the rescue!

A story to read, listen to and sing
In a world where we refuse to grow old, where our elders are often neglected and lonely, I wanted to celebrate old age by making my heroine a grandmother, in the image of my own, so full of life and resources.
An invitation to dream and, perhaps, to reconsider what’s essential. And, who knows, the start of a series…

Creative and editorial team
A tale by Isabelle Georges
Drawings Philippe Deschaux
Music Marc Alberman
Sound illustrations Jérôme Sarfati

With the voices of Josiane Pinson, Rose Alberman, Jean-Claude Dreyfus, Lucienne Troka & Christine Khandjian
and piano by Marc Alberman

Sound recording, mixing and mastering Julien Clarac
Editorial management Stéphane Aucante
Layout Florian Gracy

Recorded February 28, 2024 at Encore Music studio
Bougainvillier éditions 2024
© ℗ Encore Music 2024

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