Une chanteuse brillamment démente
Isabelle Georges

Oh La La !

Fantastique and féline, Parisian cabaret star Isabelle Georges returns with her trademark soaring vocals, theatrical delivery and a stunning five-piece band. ‘She’s every inch a star’ (The Scotsman). She’ll lead you on a passionate journey through the French repertoire and beyond, featuring the music of Brel, Bécaud, Piaf, Aznavour and more. Along with musical director and vocalist Frederik Steenbrink she bursts through stories of love, survival and dreams in an unbeatable mixture of jazz, cabaret and pop.


When I was a kid, my grandmother, Pauline Campiche, composer and pianist, would regale me with tales of “l’Écluse”, the Parisian cabaret where she had so often performed and where, on a stage no bigger than a postage stamp, everything was possible…

I often think about the creative effervescence and atmosphere she described in her marvelous stories starring Barbara, Jacques Brel, Raymond Devos… and every time she mentioned the place, her favorite expression was of course « Oh la la ! »

With this joyful expression in mind and conscious, that recent events in Paris, have meant that freedom and joy are far too often threatened nowadays, I began imagining a real ‘Tour de chant’ in the pure tradition of French music-hall, inviting audiences to discover or rediscover French songs that have played such a major role in the world of music; the world in which I grew up.

I revisited this incredible inheritance, choosing standards and unknown gems, with an emotional or comical dimension and added new material with the aim of finding meaning and poetry in a world where everything seems far too fast. To quote Leonard Bernstein, my grand-mother’s favourite: “This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before!”

To honour my grand-mother’s « Oh la la ! », I created a mixture of songs and stories of love, survival and dreams in a thundering ‘tour de chant’. A hymn to life!

The musical arrangements by Thierry Boulanger and Thibault Lepri, bring new perspective to both the standards and lesser-known songs with boldness but with respect. Together, we’ve constructed a musical bridge between yesterday and today with an incomparable mixture of jazz and cabaret. « Oh La La! »

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Singer - Author Isabelle Georges

Piano, voice & musical direction Frederik Steenbrink

Saxophone Adrien Sanchez

Double basse & piano Jérôme Sarfati

Drums David Grebil

Guitar & double bass Edouard Pennes

Arrangements Thierry Boulanger

Arrangements Cyrille Lehn & Sebastiaan Koolhoven

English Adaptations Simon Porter

Costume designer Michel Dussarrat

Lighting design Douglas Kuhrt