Isabelle Georges

4 May 2020

Drawing a singer

A show can be immortalized by a photo, a video but also a drawing. Here are two magnificent artists, both living by the sea ... one in Lacanau, the other in New York.

In these rather difficult times for artists, I wanted to invite you discover, these two so talented women, each in her style, that I had the chance to meet. They drew me while I was doing what I love most, singing! But I invite you to go to their respective websites, to discover all of their creations … Maybe you will find a landscape, a face that appeals to you.

Know yourself better to dream better

It is with these words that Gali defines his work. From academic rigor to abstract figuration, Gali, French painter, navigates. Hours of classic drawing to keep only the beautiful solitude of a touch on the canvas. Oil, pigments, inks or black stone mix in her portraits, silhouettes or landscapes. Between lake and ocean, she lives on the Medoc peninsula where she divides her activity between exhibitions, painting lessons, and live performances during drawn concerts.

“Accidents, chances are the acts of an often more creative unconscious. Forget the technique, only the emotion counts. Including if it must appear in the imperfection of a touch or a sag… Correcting or mastering it would then be denying the freedom which belongs to each painting. “.


© Gali


Capturing the excitement of the moment

Joan grew up drawing New York, its people and its music. Award-winning artistic director, she has worked for newspapers such as the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. In addition to drawing and painting, Joan does engraving.

Illustrations by Joan Chiverton – www.instagram.com/joan_chiverton – www.joanchiverton.com

Illustrations by Joan Chiverton

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